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I Discoli Cinofilia Bologna organizzano uno stage di disc dog con Alen Soldic ed Eva Zwicker
Lo stage si svolgerà presso il centro sportivo Dozza, via Romita 2, Bologna

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Eva wrote:

“I love the spirit of Dogfrisbee. When I’m playing frisbee with my dog, Enya, for me the most important thing is to be one with Enya. That means a high level of communication between me an Enya.

I play Dogfrisbee since 2008. First I played with an other dog. It was a big poodle. Then Enya found her way to us and we gave her a new home. She is a rescue dog. Then we started to train a lot with her. It is a honor for me to play with such an atlethic dog. Enya and me allready won a lot of competition. In addition to the competitions we give also a lot of seminars, workshops and shows.”

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